First Things To Do When You Get Engaged!

We are so excited to meet all the newly engaged brides-to-be that are pouring in from the holiday engagement season!

We understand that this is most likely your first (and hopefully last) time preparing for your wedding. Here are some tips of things you can eagerly get started on!

Before blasting out to your 3,000 closest friends on Facebook, be sure to pick up the phone and call your relatives…yes! Even the ones you don’t really stay in touch with!

I am sure you don’t need to be convinced of the sentimental value of your ring. Get it insured! This can easily be done by adding it to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. Your broker will find the right option for you!

Make sure to get your ring sized! You will be showing this off to EVERYONE and it should not be sliding up and down your finger, or cutting the circulation off and turning your finger not-so-Tiffany-blue.

On that same note…Get a manicure! Nobody wants to see pieces of your garden under your nails in those pictures you’re uploading to Facebook.

Set a date, even if it’s just a specific month or season (ie early Spring 2013). This will save you some headache when your guests-to-be start asking questions and it’ll put the event in their mental planners. Most importantly, however, it’ll give you some direction as you begin to dive into planning.

Create a blog or wedding site. This is a great place to keep everyone and their mother (‘cause you know everyone wants to know) abreast as your wedding details unfold.

Dream! Gather a bunch of wedding magazines, check out Real Bride stories, pick up travel guides to your dream honeymoon location and soak up every bit of inspiration you can! Chances are once you start looking at ideas, your wedding vision will come to life.

Be sure to spend as much non-wedding-planning quality time with your fiancé. Reality probably is, wedding preparation, celebrations and excitement will smother your engaged season, so schedule much needed “just the two of you” moments.

Get organized! Get yourself an app, calendar, binder or even our Wedding Workbooks in the back of our magazine…you are going to need some sort of keep-organized method to keep your wedding related tasks straight. This is also a great place to keep all the inspirational ideas you found.

Review everything you’ve gathered and decide if you’re going to hire a coordinator or are going to do this yourself. Be ready to take on a part-time job! But it’ll probably be the most amazing job you’ll ever have!

Start a savings account. Even the smallest of weddings cost money. Depositing money each week or paycheck is an easy way to keep cash accumulating for the big day, so you don’t have to rely on plastic later on!

Put together your (ideal) guest list. Be sure to ask both sets of parents for their input. Break it into tiers so making cuts later will be easier. This will come in handy when you start shopping around for vendors.

Lastly, enjoy the journey! This is a once in a lifetime event for you and your fiancé! Take time to relax, get a massage, sleep in and take walks together. Don’t let the stress and pressure of planning take away from your time to chill out and have fun!


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