POLL WED: Would you wear a black dress, or anything but traditional white on your wedding day?

Vera Wang’s Dark Wedding Gowns Will Change Bridal Tradition

Vera Wang exhibited her Fall 2012 Collection of bridal gowns at New York’s bridal fashion week and shocked the fashion nobility.

The designer, who knows how to dress every bride in her dream gown, is dressing brides in her own signature color – Black. Yes folks that’s right, seems like the Queen of Bridal couture has had a moment of clarity.

Fashion goers were a bit surprised and taken aback by Wang’s black and beige boldness. Most saw the pieces as more befitting for a fancy funeral or Morticia Adams, but as the collection rolled out on the runway it became clear that Wang’s genius as a designer had not been abandoned. Concerns over the dress’s morbidy dissipated as the audience became enamored with their show-stopping beauty. Vera Wang proved that even if a bride walked down the aisle in black or nude she could still steal the show.

This has greater meaning in the world of weddings, since the entire collection is a pièce de résistance from traditional bridal culture.  This opens up a lot of room for new, groundbreaking traditions with non-white wedding gowns. If Vera Wang can cement her bridal couture royalty in the non-white category too, she’ll become immortal. Not to mention, if she is breaking into an untapped segment, you can be sure other bridal designers are likely to follow. This means more choices for brides and the eventually the de-throwning of the white wedding gown.

Would you wear a black dress, or anything but traditional white on your wedding day?

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Click Here to see Vera Wang’s Fall 2012 Wedding Collection on NY TimesVera Wang: Fall 2012 Bridal Collection In Nude, Black.



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