POLL WED: What are you thankful for?

We traditionally celebrate Wednesdays with a poll. 

We initially were going to ask;

what are you thankful for? 

But we knew the answer!

Today, like other Wednesdays, will be a blur of a day.  You’re probably like most brides, who – regardless of busy holiday plans, and the chaos that comes with it – doesn’t take a day off of wedding planning.  Even if all you do is contemplate bridesmaid shoe options, you don’t stop.  You may even have a long list of tasks to complete; engagement photos to be taken, holiday photos to be taken, wedding invitations to address, holiday cards to address…

On top of that, your parent-in-laws-to-be are coming to visit, you have two dinners parties planned, your floors are dirty and toilets could use a good scrub down.  And don’t forget the grocery shopping that needs to be done, food to be prepped, which in fact leads to gym time needing to be scheduled!  Today, like every day in the life of a bride-to-be is a full day, and it’s just begun.

Just when your whole day seems overtaken, when you feel frustrated, rundown, and tired…you can stop and remember what it’s all for.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time to be thankful that you don’t have to face it alone.  You have a great fiancée that will keep you going through the holiday chaos and through your big day! 

Every bride-to-be can add their prince charming to their “to be thankful for” list!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you Neon City Media for the photos.

Check out Neon City Media: HERE

Contact Neon City Media: HERE


– Jessie



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