Tip Tuesday: Holiday Tips for the Bride

Planning a Wedding During The Holidays While Keeping Your Sanity

Wedding planning is hard enough.  Now add the holidays, when baking, shopping, parties and family traditions consume your time; how do you manage wedding planning, oh, and keeping the amount of sanity you have left?  We’ve compiled some great tips for doing just that!

Organize Yourself

If you haven’t put together a wedding binder, nows the time!  The discipline of keeping organized will not only help you plan your wedding, but plan your time.  Don’t make your binder, or calendar, SO big and complicated you refuse to use it.  Make it carry along friendly.  Add your spreadsheets, and stick Holiday related lists in the front.

Invitation Guest List

Since the day you got engaged, you started updating and adding to your address book.  Therefore, sending Christmas cards this year should be a sinch.  If you’ve procrastinated on this, get going!  Just think, collecting the data is killing two birds with one stone.  There isn’t a more perfect time to collect this information, since you’ll most likely be seeing all your family and friends this time of year.  Just remember, keep your binder close!  Also, save postage and include an informal Save the Date with your Holiday cards!

Dress Shopping

As you shop around for new winter-wear, that cute holiday party outfit, or Christmas gifts, keep your eyes peeled for bridesmaid’s dresses.  These days bridesmaid dresses are fun and modern and can be found in almost any store!


Black Friday and after Christmas sales are perfect for picking up those remaining items on your wish list, and also for grabbing some amazing wedding bargains!  You can grab strands of lights, candles, candies and even a pretty Honeymoon dress.

Mock Runs

Since you’ll most likely be having people over for a party, try out that wedding caterer, baker and florist you’ve been considering.  If you’re doing the DIY thing, try it out now!  You’ll get a good idea of the work involved and find out if you’re really capable of doing your own flowers, ifnothign else it’s great practice before the big day.

Hair and Make-up Test Run

Most brides have their hair and make-up trials, only to head home or run errands, looking a bit overdone.  Really completes the idea; “all dressed up and nowhere to go.”  If you plan things perfectly, you can test out your wedding day hair and makeup at your holiday party.

Dear Santa,

Feel free to include your wedding wish list items on your Christmas wish list.  Don’t be afraid to include your shoes, jewelry or other accessories.  You can even ask for gift certificates to that spa  for pre-wedding pampering, or to the limo company so you can upgrade your transportation.

Pay Extra Attention During Religious Services

Many people who don’t’ regularly attend a religious service, find themselves at church or synagogue during the holidays.  If you are one of these people, and are planning a religious wedding this is a perfect time to familiarize yourself with scripture, hymns or songs.  Many services this time of year are about celebrations, new life, miracles and love, all appropriate topics to include include in your wedding.  It’s also a great time to introduce yourself to the priest, rabbi or religious leader and if you’re interested, start some pre-wedding counseling

Enjoy the holidays as a bride-to-be.  Don’t kill yourself planning a wedding while getting through the holidays.  Find ways to combine the two and most of all have fun!  The holidays are only once a year and your wedding; once in a lifetime!



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