11/11/11 & Veteran’s Day Weddings!

11/11/11 & Veteran’s Day Weddings!

Clark County has received more than 3,500 marriage license applications for 11/11/11!  That’s what happens when you combine one of the luckiest numbers in blackjack with the wedding capital of the world!

All of these bets on love have given the Las Vegas wedding industry something to cheer about.  Over 100 chapels up and down The Strip have promoted 11/11/11 packages in their attempt to get a cut of this excitement.

Chapels have called in more workers, hired additional chauffeurs and rented extra limousines to accommodate couples.  Everyone seems to be gearing up for the unsurpassed and sought-after wedding day.

As if this wasn’t enough, America’s service men are flocking to Las Vegas.  In celebration of Veteran’s Day, hundreds of service men will be marrying or renewing their vows as part of the 11/11/11 celebrations.  Some chapels throughout the Las Vegas Strip are infact allowing these ceremonies to take place within their venue as a complimentary gift.

Whether you are taking place in any of these festivities, or planning on staying as far away as possibly, Las Vegas Bride would like to wish you a great holiday weekend and a special thanks to our service men and women. 


One Response to “11/11/11 & Veteran’s Day Weddings!”

  1. kim Says:

    I think that Las Vegas is the best place for a dream wedding! I and my fiance are also planning our wedding in the city that never sleeps. I’m so anxious and excited! can’t wait for our wedding day!

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