Super Sexy Hair Styles

Do you know that a perfect wedding hair style is different for every bride, depending on their face shape!?  How you wear your hair on your wedding day completes your look, and now add the pressure of complimenting the shape of your face could be tantalizing. 

Las Vegas Bride Magazine put together an article to help all of you brides-to-be figure out this complicated task.  We’ve described the do’s of hair styling for the top 4 different face shapes.  We’ve also included which styles to avoid!  Whether your face is round, square, oval or heart shaped, there is a perfectly flattering style for everyone!  To see more of this article in Las Vegas Bride Magazine, visit page 114. 

If all of this is too much to absorb, Las Vegas Bride recommends Stevee Danielle to help you find your precise look.  Stevee Danielle specializes in on-site wedding say beauty.  Their Bridal Package is $120 and includes hair, make-up and all travel costs to come TO THE BRIDE!

Contact Stevee Danielle to set up a consultation today!


8930 S. Maryland Pkwy

Las Vegas, Nevada 89123


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