Real Wedding Wednesday: Nydia and Avery

Nydia & Avery: Simple Elegance at Paradise Cove

By Jennifer Florendo

For Avery Potter, owner of Cocktails Catering in Orlando and Nydia Agosto, a professional dancer for Walt Disney World, their happily ever after came by taking a chance. They agreed to get set up on a blind date. And they are glad they did. The couple met at the movies while watching “The Simpsons” and they are now known as “The Potters.”

While dating, the couple took a vacation to Sanibel Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Avery decided it was time to make it official and propose. It was on their first night of vacation and under a full moon.

As they soon began to plan their wedding, they chose the month of March for their ceremony, to avoid the weather being too hot and choosing Paradise Cove as their venue, which now has a familial sentimental value to the couple. “My cousin had been married there just two years before us. And now, one of my other cousins just got married there this past March! So it’s kind of tradition now,” says Nydia.

The couple wanted their theme to remain simple, yet elegant says the bride. They also did all of the planning and most of the details themselves, including the food, the bar and the décor. Paradise Cove offers much natural beauty, so little décor was needed. They used white linens and accented with lanterns to still maintain the natural beauty that is paradise cove.

They chose a funny, yet appropriate song for their first dance, “I Wanna Grow Old With You,” from the 1998 movie “The Wedding Singer.” Who doesn’t smile when hearing Robbie singing to Julia on the airplane, after being introduced by Billy Idol? They chose this song because of what the message truly is. “We picked it because we want to grow old together and take care of each other in the process, just as the song implies. Also it’s only 30 seconds long,” says Nydia.

The bride incorporated some family memories into her something borrowed and old. Shortly before the wedding, the bride’s grandmother had passed away. “She had given my aunt a necklace many years ago and so I wore it as my something borrowed and my something old. It was a surprise to my father which meant so much to all of us.”

The wedding went off beautifully, without a hitch. To sum the day up, the bride can’t choose just one memory. “I don’t have just one memory of the night that I can say was my favorite! The entire day was wonderful! The day was surreal … like a dream,” says the bride. 

Bride: Nydia Agosto

Groom: Avery Potter

Wedding Date: March 12, 2009

Number of Guests: 175

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Ceremony & Reception Venue: Paradise Cover at Buena Vista Water Sports

Caterer: Cocktails Catering

Décor/Rentals: Cocktails Catering

Dress: Alfred Angelo

Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Hair: Tanya Marie Navarro-Ortiz

Makeup: Kristyne Truzzolino

Officiate: Michael Caroline

Photographer & Videographer: Doug Rowland

Tuxedos: Sacino’s Tuxedos


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