Las Vegas Bride’s Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers are supposed to be fun, exciting and are an opportunity to shower the bride with gifts for the home, gifts for the honeymoon and gifts for the bedroom. When it comes to what your guests should gift you, having a theme can sometimes help them out. For example, if the bride-to-be loves the kitchen, throw a chef-themed shower. Featuring the latest in cookware, gadgets and serving sets. You can also stock the bride’s pantry with spices and accessories, like cute aprons.

Here are some other cute themes to consider:

Travel: Buy the bride & groom travel accessories, converters, money/passport belts, batteries for the digital camera or, if you know where they are going on their honeymoon, give them cash in the currency of the country they are visiting.

Wine Lovers: No one can ever have enough wine on hand. Buy the couple a cork screw, a decorative cork container, cork trivet, a tasting in wine country or gift them a membership to a wine club.

Caffeine Addicts: How fun would an espresso bar at a shower be? Mini coffees, small mugs or flavored teas would also make for great favors.

Movie or TV Buffs: Shower the bride with movie tickets, online movie subscriptions or a DVD collection of her favorite show or movie. Or even theme the shower after her favorite show. Come on … we all dreamt about marrying Aiden at one point or another.

Outdoor lovers: Pack a picnic basket full of treats for the couple … nonperishable treats, of course. Or stuff it full of plates, cups and utensils that they can use for a future picnic. Or get them a gift card for camping gear.

The best part about bridal showers is being able to customize the theme and the gifts you ask for! Be sure to register for a wide variety of gifts in all price ranges. Some guests may go in on a group gift and they can get you that expensive vacuum you’ve been dreaming about.


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