Real Wedding Wednesday: Ella and Jason

Ella and Jason: An impossible combination …an amazing story of love 

By Jennifer Florendo 

Ella Gagaiano, a farm girl from Cape Town South Africa, fell in love at first sight with Jason, a performer from Las Vegas. They met in February 2010 when Jason was traveling for business. They were aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean, but Jason was too afraid to say anything to the beauty, at first. When he mustered the courage to approach Ella, he asked to catch a movie with him. They only had six days together before he had to leave the ship for a week. But he made sure that she wouldn’t forget him. “I asked a friend to slide envelopes that I had pre-written for every day that week, under her door. Every morning she would wake up and have a new letter from me, reminding her I am coming back and I was missing her,” said Jason.  

The proposal was not the romantic production that some would have expected from Jason, but it suited the couple who knew instantly that they were going to be together. “On our way to the DMV Jason suddenly pulled over and went down on his knees and asked me. And of course I said ‘yes’” says Gagiano. Jason admits that it wasn’t the most romantic of moments, but he takes in pride in knowing that he surprised his bride. 

Inspired by Lance Armstrong, who celebrates the New Year in a new country, the couple chose 1.1.11 for their wedding date. The date also signifies new beginnings and new chapters, and of course, the winter time at Mount Charleston was breathtaking. “We both love traveling, and thought that is a great way to celebrate our wedding day … to explore a different country together every New Year! That will be our goal and I hope that we can do it. Every year, our anniversary in a different country,” said Gagiano. 

They chose this date just two months earlier, not allowing for much time for planning, but regardless, they were set on this date. “It is a day we—and the whole world—will celebrate every year and it is what we wanted. Not much time for planning,” says Jason, “All we wanted was a small wedding just for us and we wanted it in the mountains with snow! We both love the mountains and the snow.”

The couple played up their careers, he being a performer and she being a wedding photographer, and made certain that their ways was about them. “This is our day —a creative and fun day. We want to wear and do what we want to wear and do! Our yellow boots is an example of that,” said Gagiano.

The couple had planned on hiking to their favorite clearing that overlooked the mountains. The couple and their guests met at The Resort on Mount Charleston to carpool to the location when they were met by stand-still traffic. “It was non-stop traffic and wasn’t moving at all. We literally pulled the cars over and simply got out and went hiking! It ended up being great! We found a beautiful place we hadn’t seen before and it worked out fine… Not to mention, I am all about the “story” and man o man we have one! 

The day turned out perfectly for the newlyweds who shared it with their most immediate family. The memories of becoming husband and wife with their loved ones trumps any memory of standing in the snow. “If you get married in the mountains, remember to wear more than two pairs of socks,” laughs Jason, “But seriously, the whole day was perfect. I married the woman of my dreams and we are starting our lives together.”






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  1. Sansom Wedding and Portrait Photography Says:

    Really love snowy photoshoot’s! These are amazing

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