Tips from the Pros Tuesday: Diamonds and Tuxes

Shop for Light Performance

By Michael E. Minden of Michael E. Minden Diamond Jewelers

Everyone sells diamonds. What if you could own a diamond that sparkles 10 times greater than any diamond any has ever seen? Only a jeweler with direct access top cutters can accomplish this. They are kept only for special dealer relationships. Shop for GIA-certified diamonds. The diamond must have an excellent cut grade, polish and symmetry. You will LOVE people crossing the room to see your dazzling diamond. That is why you wear a diamond, isn’t it?


Tuxedo Tips

 By Mikka Moon of Tuxedo Junction

When shopping for tuxedos, look for a store that has “in stock” merchandise. This is a big plus in assuring your gentlemen will be properly attired! You will be able to look at actual colors of accessories, try on items to assure a proper fit and see what style tuxedo would be the best compliment to the groom and his party. More importantly, a story with inventory on hand will be able to accommodate any last-minute order, changes or adjustments.


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