L’Oreal’s Magic Smooth Souffle Debuts at MAGIC

this post is all about rave reviews and lessons learned. Are you ready?

Late last week, I was invited to check out L’Oreal’s new Magic Smooth Souffle foundation release at MAGIC (the garment industry convention). At first, I wondered why a cosmetics release was taking place at a garment convention, but it made sense: Magic and MAGIC. Plus, your clothing can only look better with the right face, right?

The booth itself was so hip and fresh that even without the invite, I would have stopped by. And the team doing makeovers didn’t hurt either. I will be the first to admit that I am a makeup junkie. And I am loyal to a particular brand or two. I am not easily convinced to change brands or products.  But one sweep of the Magic Smooth Souffle foundation and I was seriously hooked.

My skin felt soft, the level of coverage was perfect and I did not feel like my face was weighed down. Great, my skin looks good, but how about the rest of my face? Well, Monday was Valentine’s Day and I did have plans … so they continued with giving me some eyes, cheeks and lips. To be honest, I was amazed at how my face was turning out to look like I was sitting at the counter of a high-priced counter in a department store. Who knew?!

I have not recently given any credit to the brands I grew up with and am now rethinking my spending habits. I was pretty hooked after this. While this isn’t my best photo, here is a shot of what I looked like after they did my makeup. Not bad, right?

I am proof that beauty doesn’t need to cost a fortune and am proud to say that my horizons continue to expand. I checked out their Ever Sleek shampoo and conditioner. My hair smells fresh, clean and is shiny like I just spent hundreds on a blow-out.

While a post like this would normally come with our “Bridal Beauty Finds” in the magazine, I just could not let you wait that long. There were more fun finds at this show … like the most amazing mascara and a moisturizer to keep my youth? Yes, please! More on those two later!


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