Top 10 Bridal Show Tips

The Las Vegas Bridal Expo is THIS Sunday at MGM Grand Convention Center. If this is your first Bridal Expo, here are the Top 10 Tips to get you ready to make the most out of your day!

Tip #1: Save your “write” hand:  Be sure to pre print address labels with your name, address, phone number, wedding date AND email.  When meeting vendors, this will save you from writing this information over and over again.  Bonus tip: Set up a separate email account for bridal shows and wedding emails.  This will help you remain sane and organized when it comes to managing your emails!

Tip #2: Take a trusted confidante or two:  Bridal shows are best navigated in numbers- but small numbers.  The best person to take would be your fiancé; however, if he just won’t go (and can’t be bribed with cake samples)—ask your Maid of Honor, bridal party, mothers or a friend who is a lady in waiting for the ring.  No one will have more excitement for wedding planning than someone who is eagerly awaiting her own chance to plan.

Tip #3: Make a day of it:  There is no telling how long one excited bride can spend at a bridal show.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, leave your coat in the car and enjoy a substantial breakfast or lunch.  Other than some catering and cake samples, most bridal show locations won’t offer concessions. 

Tip #4: Take notes:  Be sure to bring a notepad and a pen. Be sure to tie your pen to your notepad with some string or fashionable ribbon. Take notes on the conversations that you have with vendors and then you can easily recall what you liked or disliked about them. 

Tip #5: Plan your route:  If at all possible, try to locate both a vendor listing and a floor map so that you can determine which vendors you want to visit and in what order. If you are attending the bridal show to book vendors, you can visit with them first and still have time to walk around and digest their information before committing to a contract.

Tip #6: Read the fine print:  If you plan on booking a vendor on the spot, be sure to thoroughly read the contract and fine print.  Understand deposit clauses & cancellation policies.  Ask questions about customization of packages, break times and confirm that your date and time is available. If you connect with the person representing their booth, ask them if they will be the vendor at your wedding.  Nothing could be worse than loving DJ Dance Hall and getting DJ Mr. Country’s Best Hits.

Tip # 7: Take your checkbook.  Oftentimes, vendors will offer brides a discount for booking their services at the show.  However, if you feel pressured into a commitment, give your money to the person who is attending the show with you.  Take the time to think about your commitment and then go back and visit with the vendor.  All discounts should last through the end of the bridal show, not just through the end of that minute.

Tip # 8: Don’t feel obligated.  Trust your gut—if a special price is only available right now & today, ask your vendor if they would consider extending the offer to you for another day or two so that you can consult with your fiancé/parents/whoever you need.

Tip # 9: Showtime.  A bridal show isn’t complete without a fabulous fashion show.  This is the perfect opportunity to check out dream dresses for both the bride and the bridesmaids and to see the complete looks put together.  If dresses aren’t what you are in search of, you can schedule some one on one time with potential vendors while most brides are watching the show!

Tip # 10: Enjoy yourself. The bridal show may only come around once or twice in your engagement and planning process.  Enjoy the time you have with your fiancé or bridal party or mother.  Enjoy the samples, enjoy the ambiance and excitement and remember: no matter how tiring it may become, as the end of the road, you get to marry your best friend.


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