What Would You Do …

To be “perfect?” And in whose eyes is that perfection? Last nite, the new E! reality show “Bridalplasty” made its debut. When I got married earlier this year, I relied on diet and exercise to make sure that my dress fit. Matter of fact, I even had to buy a NEW dress four months before the wedding because the other one was a big … snug. I say snug. My mom said tight. 🙂

Photo: E! TV

The concept of the show is for 12 “less-than-perfect” brides to compete among other brides in challenges. Along the way, they are treated to injectables, fillers and other out-patient beauty treatments. The winner? Well she gets a full plastic surgery makeover. Her new look is then debuted to her husband, for the first time, as she walks down the aisle.

 My first thought wasn’t, “What if he hates it?” but … WHO will do all of the last-minute planning! Yikes. To each their own … but really, what to what extent would you go to look perfect on your wedding. And how do you define perfect? For me, it was to make sure that my weird eyebrow didn’t show. Teeth can be whitened in photos, boobs can be enhanced with padding and who doesn’t love Spanx?


One Response to “What Would You Do …”

  1. Shaw Productions Las Vegas Says:

    Might be an interesting show. Brides should just strive for beautiful instead of perfect though. Obviously if the guy wants to marry them it’s for the way they are now. I think in your post you meant “compete” instead of “complete” and “along the way” instead of “along they way”

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