Why Get Married in Las Vegas?

Besides the obvious reasons of it’s fun, it’s easy, no one has to know about it (unless you are Brittney Spears…), and it’s VEGAS, baby! Las Vegas has been a nuptial hotpot for decades and has outgrown its reputation of quickie, drive-through weddings to lavish, grand affairs.  The woman & lifestyle blog, Evijo, shared their take on 6 Hot Reasons to Get Married in Vegas.  What do you think?

Photo by: Imagine Studios

Reason to Get Married In Las Vegas Number One:
Celebrate With Friends
Las Vegas makes a great wedding destination because it is a wonderful place to celebrate with friends. This can include fun bachelor or bachelorette parties with friends. Just think of the possibilities that are available in the city of Sin and fun! Of course if you are more the tame and quite type and prefer to have fun with your future bride there are endless possibilities for a couple also.

Reason to Get Married In Las Vegas Number Two:
Make It Easy
Getting married in Las Vegas has become such a huge trend that there are a tremendous number of wedding chapels available. You can find a everything from a little white wedding chapel in Vegas to the Graceland or Elvis Chapel. All of the cater to the couple that wants to be married and have easy wedding packages available to make your wedding go quick. They have all of the decorations, wedding favors, rings and everything you need. This really makes it easy for the couple they can avoid the hassle of planning a huge wedding and coordinating all of the pieces.

Reason to Get Married In Las Vegas Number Three:
Make It Unique
The other great thing about getting married in Vegas is you can make it your own style. With so many different wedding chapels available and each one striving for your business you can easily customize your wedding and have the unique wedding experience you want.

Reason to Get Married In Las Vegas Number Four:
Want an Easy Honeymoon
Why not just honeymoon right there in Vegas! No getting reservation or plane tickets to take off to another place Las Vegas has everything you need for your honeymoon right there. Simply step out the door of the chapel and you are on your honeymoon already! Make it easy, low stress, low-cost and big fun!

Reason to Get Married In Las Vegas Number Five
Why Not Settle Down
Las Vegas has a booming economy and the housing and Real Estate market are growing at phenomenal rates so why not just settle down in Vegas after the honeymoon! Las Vegas is home to some of the top schools in the nation if you plan on having kids in the future and there are lots of outdoor experiences to be had both at Lake Mead and Red Rock if you want to get in touch with Nature.

Las Vegas is the easiest way to go if you plan on getting married. Most of the chapels have full service packages with all the things you need for your wedding in one place. Leave the hassle and stress of a wedding behind and fill your life with fun. This is a great way to start building unique memories together


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