10/10/10 Recap, part 2

There was no shortage of weddings over the 10/10/10 weekend, with it being the most sought after date since 7/7/07. There is no proof declaring these two dates to be luckier than any other. But for some couples, they aren’t about to press their luck.

Rebecca and Steve traveled to Las Vegas from Miami to tie the 10/10/10 knot. We asked Rebecca two burning questions: Why Las Vegas? And why 10/10/10? Turns out, there was a method to her numerical madness.



“We ended up choosing Vegas because we didn’t feel the need to cater to anyone but my then-fiance and myself. We’d changed both the date and location several times due to family conflicts. In the end, no one else mattered. We’re an older-than-the-norm couple, at 34 and 39, and neither of us wanted to do the whole song and dance for our families. The wedding was in Vegas and there will be a party in Miami in January for the 200 or so family and friends who do want to celebrate. As far as the 10-10-10 has multiple significance to me. Mainly, it is super easy for Steve to remember! For me, being the little geek that I am, have been calling myself the Binary Bride. (yeah, me and the thousands of others!) 101010 in binary adds up to 42. Of course, 42 is ‘the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.'”

We wish Rebecca & Steve and thousands of other couples a happily ever after.


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