Marriage Made in TV Heaven

The television show “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” have had their share of unsuccessful relationships, and a few that seem to be heading in the right direction. With the originators, Trista and Ryan, still going strong since 2003, two other reality TV couples are trying their hands at marriage.

While this is old news, “Bachelor” star, Jason Mesnick married his 1st runner-up, Molly, in March. They were recently in Las Vegas to show support for bachelor Jesse Csincsak and bachelorette Ann Leuders, who married at Rumor Las Vegas on August 29.

Photo credit: Denise Truscello

The couple provided exclusive access to their wedding to Life & Style magazine, but shared with us some photos of the…ahem Bachelor party.

Photo credit: Denise Truscello

Photo credit: Denise Truscello

Looks like it was a fun time…but it gets us thinking: Where is the best place to meet a mate? Is reality TV the answer? Is online dating the answer? The gym?

Share with us where you met your match!


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