Two Days Away: The Green Valley Bridal Show


Today is Friday. Sunday is the Green Valley Bridal Show, clear your calendar. This is Green Valley’s largest bridal show and we have hundreds of wedding professionals who are ready to help you plan your wedding! 

Here are tips #8 and #9 from the Top 10 Bridal Show Tips. All week we’ve been posting tips to help you get the most of your day at the Green Valley Bridal Show. 

Tip # 8: Don’t feel obligated.  Trust your gut—if a special price is only available right now & today, ask your vendor if they would consider extending the offer to you for another day or two so that you can consult with your fiancé/parents/whoever you need. 


Tip # 9: Showtime.  A bridal show isn’t complete without a fabulous fashion show.  This is the perfect opportunity to check out dream dresses for both the bride and the bridesmaids and to see the complete looks put together.  If dresses aren’t what you are in search of, you can schedule some one on one time with potential vendors while most brides are watching the show! 



Dress Courtesy of Bella Bridesmaid

Dress Courtesy of Bella Bridesmaid

Dress Courtesy of Bowties Bridal


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