Should You Preserve Your Wedding Gown?

In your wedding budget, don’t forget the cost of assuring that your wedding dress will look as beautiful years later as it did on your wedding day.

No detail is of greater importance on the big day than the bride’s dress. However, one often overlooked, but equally important, detail is how to care for this special garment after the wedding. To maintain the wedding day quality appearance and preserve one of life’s greatest memories, professional care is recommended. 

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, an international not-for-profit trade association of specialty cleaners, recognizes the MuseumCare process (recommended by renowned designers such as Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace, among others) as the ideal gown preservation, which consists of:

-Hand cleaning with special chemicals to remove visible and invisible stains

-Thorough cleaning in a dry cleaning solvent bath

-Application of anti-sugar stain treatment

-Inspection by bride, on site, before the final step of storing the gown in an acid-free tissue, inside of an acid-free, archival quality wedding chest 

With the service, the specialist should provide a written guarantee against sugar stains, yellowing and other ailments. This guarantee is honored by all association members, located in more than 500 cities worldwide. And when the gown is to be worn again, any participating association member will inspect and press the garment at no charge.

Given the time and monetary investment made selecting your perfect wedding down, you may consider planning the cost of its preservation in your wedding budget.

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