Holy Matrimony! Two Newly Engaged Celeb Couples

Two stars recently announced their engagements and they share an odd twist of the six-degrees of separation…..

Hilary Duff was engaged over Valentine’s weekend to Mike Comrie of the Edmonton Oilers.  The timing was perfect for this vacation and proposal- Mike is currently on a break for the Olympics.  Dating for almost three years now, the happy couple is grateful for the well wishes from fans, but have yet to announce any wedding plans.

Photo from Time Inc.

Now… in the odd twist of six degrees….

Let’s refresh your memory… Back in 2004, Joel Madden began dating Hilary Duff.  After two plus years together, a young Duff, then 19, and an older Madden, then 27 split in late 2006.  Shortly after, Madden began dating reformed party girl Nicole Richie.  Since then, the couple has birthed two children and have fought off engagement and wedding rumors for years.

The Richie-Madden Family

On February 19th, Richie put those rumors to the grave and confirmed that she and Madden are, in fact, engaged.  And they have been engaged for quite some time… how did we miss this?  According to Madden, “We’ve been engaged for a while, so you are all kinda late on that…”

Nicole Richie Confirms Her Engagement on David Letterman

Do you think that they will have a double wedding?  Or side-by-side honeymoon suites?  We kid… but never the less, wish them a lifetime of wedded bliss.  Maybe at least one couple will marry in Vegas?


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