Tuxedo Junction Celebrates 31 Years of Success in Las Vegas!

There is nothing more exhilarating than to celebrate the success of a local business.  Celebrating 31 years of success is truly a great accomplishment for Tuxedo Junction.  when Bob and Mikka Moon first set their sights on opening up a tuxedo business in Las Vegas, they took a gamble by opening up on the outskirts of town- Sahara and Valley View.  Any resident or even visitor knows that this is now the center of town and that gamble has surely paid off.

They named their store after the Glenn Miller song, Tuxedo Junction and have given life to these lyrics:

It’s a junction where the town folks meet
At each function in a tux they greet you
Come on down, forget your care
Come on down, you’ll find me there
So long town, I’m heading for
Tuxedo Junction now

They dress grooms, celebrities, dignitaries and more.  They support community events and charities, proving that givers surely get back.

On February 17th, many friends and supporters showed up to the rededication ceremony of Tuxedo Junction and to celebrate their 31 years of dedicated service to the Las Vegas Valley.  It was apparent how much this meant to owner Mikka Moon, as her eyes were filled with tears of joy from the moment she arrived until the last slice of cake was served to the guests.

As a guest, being able to celebrate another’s success was inspirational and motivational.  The joy was apparent even on the faces of employees, some who have already been with the company for over 20 years.  Speakers from Clark Country School District, The Office of the Governor of Nevada and The Senoras of Excellence all spoke very highly and touching of Mikka and her dedication to the community.

Las Vegas Bride was there to support our long time partners at Tuxedo Junction, as were other partners of Las Vegas Bride, including alt+f photography, Naakiti Floral, RSVP Party Rentals and Bella Bridesmaid.

Take a look at this touching celebration:

 and have since expanded their store to the East side of town to serve more special events, celebrities and weddings.


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