Las Vegas Bridal Expo: Diving for Diamonds

Was the suspense killing you?  It’s been over a week since the Bridal Expo and our heads are still spinning from the overwhelming feeling of success!  One of the highlights of the show was the $4,000 Giant Cake Dive/Diving for Diamonds.

Our staff picked five lucky brides from the show goers, dressed them in a wedding gown, and counted them down….3…..2….1….and let them loose into a 100 + lb. wedding cake, courtesy of Gimme Some Sugar.  The cake consisted of 22 sheets and over 100 lbs of butter cream! Yummy.  The gorgeous ring, provided by I Do Diamonds, The Perfect Princess Cut , had a value of $4,000…. now that is a sparkler!

As soon as the brides dove in, you can instantly smell the cake and buttercream as it went flying in the air!  Whew- that was some good stuff.  A  lovely bride named Ashley found the ring within seconds… and she is giving the ring to her mother, who is helping to pay for the wedding!

Here are the highlights from the cake dive:

The cake...before

The Brides are getting ready....

Mark Shaffer talks with the girls of Gimme Some Sugar and I Do Diamonds before the big dive

The Brides are getting set.....

And GO!

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I have never seen anything so exhilarating in my life!  Five brides, diving through a 100 lb. cake for a $4,000 diamond ring… 

Digging, diving, scrambling, throwing....

This was the result.. literally, within 20 seconds it was over and one very excited bride was left standing!



We have a winner!

Now…let’s look at the aftermath:

Towel, please?! Anyone?

CBS, Channel 8, interviews the lucky winner about her experience

I almost felt badly when the brides were tearing through this cake- compliments of Gimme Some Sugar

 And there ya have it! Thank you, again to I Do Diamonds, The Perfect Princess Cut and Gimme Some Sugar for providing us with a gorgeous ring and gigantic cake!


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