Las Vegas Bridal Expo: Recap, Part 1

Wow- if everyone at Las Vegas Bride wasn’t so blown away by the turnout of this weekend’s Las Vegas Bridal Expo , we may have something other than, “WOW” to say!  It.  Was.  Amazing. From the wedding professionals who were there to help you plan your Las Vegas weddings, to the brides who are Las Vegas brides, there were no flower petals left unturned. 

I know that you didn’t miss it, but if you happened to leave early, or get there late, here are some of the highlights: 

CBS News, KLAS-TV, local channel 8 arrived early to meet with some wedding professionals, get some words on how brides can save $$$ on their weddings.  We know that everyone is looking for ways to save on their weddings and by having the opportunity to meet with potential wedding professionals at the Expo, you are able to compare prices and plan your budget-friendly Las Vegas wedding. 

Janet O, of CBS News talks to brides about the Expo

Teresa Stewart Meli, owner of Enchanted Florist had this great tidbit, “Instead of Cymbidium Orchids, which cost $80 per stem, brides can select Dendrobium orchids, which are about $4.30 per stem.”  I like that tip!  Thank you, Teresa. 

Channel 8, CBS News, talks to Teresa Stewart Meli of Enchanted Florist

Mark Shaffer, owner, publisher and producer of Las Vegas Bride and the Las Vegas Bridal Expo talks to Janet O of Channel 8 about how the wedding vendors work a little harder, in troubled times, for your wedding business. 

Mark Shaffer talks to Janet O of Channel 8, CBS News

Brides came prepared with their checkbooks and cash in tow.  At the start of the Fashion Show, show producer, Mark Shaffer, asked for the first three brides to show him a $100 bill.  About 15 brides scurried up to the stage, trying to win a  prize! 

Look at the rush of brides trying to win prizes!

 Shortly after the giveaways, we began the first of two live, bridal fashion shows.  The first show kicked off with a special dance by Anna and Ryan, students of A Perfect Wedding Dance.  Their dance started out slow and traditional…but that lasted a few seconds until the record scratches and someone puts on some Usher…. 

Students of A Perfect Wedding Dance

Anna and Ryan's Perfect Wedding Dance

And now… ON with the show….. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Las Vegas Bridal Expo…. you won’t want to miss the fashion show, the live performances, the cake dive, and more! 


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