Gimme Some Sugar Hosts VIP Tasting

When I first received the invitation to attend the VIP for Gimme Some Sugar, it meant only one thing to me: cake for dinner.  It sounded like my own personal slice of heaven.  And teh girls, Kristen and Miranda, owners of Gimme Some Sugar did not disappoint.

Kristen’s endlessly chipper mom and Auntie Donna greeted guests with champagne and wine, complimenting both the appetizers and desserts perfectly!  Both Kristen and Miranda mingled with guests as we all sampled several of their delights, including their famous “boobylicious” and “bellylicious” cupcakes. 

If you have not yet checked out their site or their store, I highly recommend that you run there.  Now. 


You thought I was joking about the boobylicious, didn't you?!

Channel 8’s Weatherman, Tedd Florendo, stopped to enjoy some sweets

Mmmm..... so, so yummy!

Great gift ideas, little purse cakes!


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